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Tesla Solar Battery

A Revolutionary Battery For Home and Business


Powerwall is a home battery that stores energy so you can use it day or night and self-power your home.  Powerwall can provide backup power by itself or can easily integrate with solar to provide your home reliable, clean energy 24/7.  

With Powerwall, you gain continuous and backup power, even in the event of a grid outage.

Energy Capacity

13.5 kWh
100% depth of discharge
90% round trip efficiency


7kW peak / 5kW continuous
Seamless backup transition
Pure sine wave output


Floor or wall mounted
Indoor or outdoor
Up to 10 Powerwalls
-4°F to 122°F / -20°C to 50°C
Water and dust resistance to IP67

Security Backup Protection

Independence Power Everything

Powerwall is a battery that stores energy, detects outages and automatically becomes your home’s energy source when the grid goes down. Unlike generators, Powerwall keeps your lights on and phones charged without upkeep, fuel or noise.

Pair with solar and recharge with sunlight to keep your appliances running for days.


Battery storage uses a chemical process to store electrical energy, which can then be used at a later time. 


For example, a solar powered torch stores electrochemical energy during the daylight hours that can be used to provide light at night. In practice, battery storage systems can operate in a number of different ways. It is important to discuss your needs with your Clean Energy Council Accredited Designer when choosing a system.

Tesla App for Smart Phone

Control Your Energy

Seamlessly monitor and automatically manage your Powerwall, solar panels, Model S or X with the Tesla App.

Stay Protected

Reserve a certain percentage of your Powerwall to protect your home from a utility outage and extend the hours of backup.

Better Over Time

With over-the-air software updates, Powerwall will continue to improve and adapt to your lifestyle.

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